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Dry cleaning service in dubai

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A Dry Cleaning service in Dubai offers professional cleaning and garment care solutions for individuals and businesses. With state-of-the-art facilities and modern cleaning techniques, they specialize in the thorough cleaning of delicate and valuable items, including clothes, suits, dresses, gowns, and formal wear.The service provider ensures a meticulous cleaning process that removes stains, dirt, and odors from fabrics without causing any damage. Highly skilled and experienced staff handle each item with care, providing personalized attention to ensure the best cleaning results.

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Green Grass

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Greengrass.ae is a leading curtains company in Abu Dhabi and Dubai. We offer a wide variety of curtains to choose from, including blackout curtains, sheer curtains, and patterned curtains. We also offer a variety of installation options to fit your budget.

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MED 7 FAITH EUROPEAN PHARMACY is one of the best Pharmacy in Dubai, UAE. It is a 24 hour online pharmacy

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Dubai Blinds

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Dubai Blinds is a leading provider of shades, curtains and flooring in UAE. At Dubai Blind, we provide the best quality blinds and drapes to satisfy your needs. Our skilled design team creates innovative products with the latest trends and unique styles. We prioritize customer happiness and use cutting-edge technology and top-tier materials to produce our products. Plus, our anti-microbial and fire-resistant blinds and drapes make them perfect for healthcare facilities. Trust us to enhance your home or business with our wide selection of stylish and functional blinds and curtains.

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Al-Zahraa Factory

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Al-Zahraa Factory was established in 1990 AD, more than 25 years ago, when the foundation stone was laid in the city of Jeddah. It was established and supervised by General Manager (Mohamed Hanani) where The factory was furnished on an area of approximately 6000 meters. For more than two decades, its steady and united management has sought to prove its presence in the Saudi and Arab market, until it became one of the leading companies in the field of manufacturing accordion doors, which is characterized by quality and durability. The company has been distinguished in the manufacture of various types of modern, modern and innovative curtains. It was also developed in the addition of new and different products to provide all consumer needs in the home and decoration market with one hand, as he added strips of metal ceilings and wall binding strips as new products, and curtains for refrigerators and warehouses to complete the series of curtains that characterize and specialize in the company. The factory has been reinforced with workers and administrative staff The distinguished management of the factory until the factory took its leading position in the markets of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Arab world.

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AlBashash curtains & furniture Co.

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About Us ALBashash curtains & furniture brings 24 years of Making & Supplying Curtains & Blinds experience right to home or office. We are one of the leading suppliers of Curtains & Blinds in Kuwait. Our design professionals are equipped to help you determine the best products and design to suit your needs.

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Our professional and experienced staffs have the skills to use our technology effectively and create a flawless product for our customers. Our designers know what techniques and materials should be used for each order because they can identify all the variables that have to be taken into account and plan accordingly. By creating a digital file that will yield a perfect image, the entire embroidery process becomes quicker, more efficient, and creates higher quality embroidery. Less thread breakage, less wasted materials, better detail, and better quality. That is what characterizes ArtLine Co.

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Affaq curtains

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أفاق الجودة للستائر نحن امتداد لخبرة طويلة فى مجال الصناعة الراقية للستائر ونستطيع ان نقدم لكم منتجاتنا لأفضل مصنع بالمملكة من حيث الخامة والجودة والخبرة الطويلة بتصنيع جميع أنواع الستائر المعدنية واليدوية والريموت كنترول والعمودية والمطوية والستائر الرول . ننفرد بأننا الوحيدون الذى نمتلك فريق دعم فنى على أعلى مستوى من الخبرة والمهارة وكذلك فريق تركيب يشهد له بالكفاءة العالية وكذلك فريق الصيانة لخدمة ما بعد البيع .

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الجميل للستائر

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معلومات عنا مرحبا بكم في الجميل للستائر. سيوفر متجر الجميل لأقمشة الستائر ستائر ذات قيمة كبيرة لمن يبحثون عن صفقة رائعة. لدينا في موقعنا صفحة تخليص حيث يمكنك العثور على مثل هذه العروض. يمكن أن تكون هذه لفات قصيرة من القماش إلى لفات كبيرة من الأقمشة. من موقع متجر أقمشة الستائر ، ستكون قادرًا على الاختيار من بين أكثر من 30 ألف أقمشة ستائر كلها من المصنوعات الرائدة في المملكة المتحدة بما في ذلك شركات مثل آشلي وايلد ، وبيل بومونت ، وآي ليف ، والمفروشات الأنيقة والمنسوجات المرموقة وغيرها الكثير لمتابعة. نأمل أن تجد موقعنا الإلكتروني ممتعًا وسهل الاستخدام ، وأن يسمح لك بالعثور على القماش الذي تبحث عنه جنبًا إلى جنب مع الستائر والستائر المعتمة. إذا وجدت أنه من الأسهل التقاط الهاتف والتحدث إلينا ، فالرجاء القيام بذلك ، وسعداء بالتحدث عبر الهاتف ومساعدتك في تحديد ستائرك المستقبلية. نتمنى أن نسمع منك جميعًا في متجر Curtain Fabric Store قريبًا.

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We manufacture huge range of plastic home items i.e. Jars, Hangers, ice-cream box microwave, buckets, bath tubs, Lotion Pumps, bath stools, soap cases, bath mugs, basins, bins, dustpans, racks etc. We’re providing various colors and fabulous designs. Our primary objective is to achieve excellence in every sphere so that we can build relationships of trust and confidence with our clients. We give immense focus on the specifications of the buyers and design products as per their requirements. All products are made with the best quality raw material under the supervision of experts and professionals. We Deals In ; 1. Injection Moulding 2. Blow Molding 3. PET Molding

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Curtain Shop Dubai

رابط الشركة

Budget curtains shop provide services in UAE that includes Window Curtains, Window Blinds, Arabic Majlis Sets and Sofa Upholstery for more Call 050 420 6474

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As Home Furnishing specialist, we are dedicated to providing you with reliable, professional service to meet all your needs.

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Hillarys Blinds and curtains

رابط الشركة

. Hillarys Blinds and Curtains is one of the leading curtains and blinds in United Arab Emirates

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Easy Blinds and Curtains Abu Dhabi

رابط الشركة

Dubai Blinds is leading curtains and blinds manufacturers in United Arab Emirates . Provides top quality curtains and blinds in best price

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Curtains Dubai

رابط الشركة

Dubai Curtains are recognised for our superior quality product range since inception. To manufacture and deliver premium products has always been our focus. Our team is always dedicated towards delivering value as they are well aware of our clients requirements. Backed with a team of expert designers, we have constantly been able to bring you the best of products in order to meet the ever changing market trends. Our experts constantly research and come up with innovative and unique ideas and incorporate them for our customers. The most extensive range of curtains , blinds and Shutters in unique colours, textures, styles and patterns awaits you at Dubai Curtains. Our products are the result of continuous innovation, superior technology, world class standard materials and astounding customer service. Quality and excellence are the factors that make us different from others. We understand that everyone's style is different which is why we come up with varieties of designs, colours and textures to choose from. Dubai Curtains provides the best and unique quality product to you.

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Flower Carpenter and Aluminium Fixing

رابط الشركة

Flower Carpenter and Aluminium Fixing based in the Abu Dhabi U.A.E Provide the Carpentry works, Aluminium fixing, Install flooring, Kitchen Cabinets Fixing services to their clients. We offer wide range carpentry services in Abu dhabi

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Blind & curtains in dubai - Creativevisionglobal

رابط الشركة

Creative Vision is one of the best manufacturers and suppliers of curtains, wallpapers, and floorings, blinds, etc. If you looking for the best flooring in UAE, flooring suppliers in UAE, Blinds in Dubai, Blind and curtains in Dubai, Modern curtains in UAE, Blackout curtains in UAE, Wallpaper company in UAE, CONTACT US and organize your free measure and quote. If you need any help or advice, feel free to contact us.

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شركة البشاش للستائر و التنجيد albashash

رابط الشركة

شركة البشاش للستائر والمفروشات منذ 1993. ستائر مكتبية وستائر منزلية وستائر فندقية وتنجيد الأثاث في الكويت

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محل ستائر دبي

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متجر ستائر دبي لديه خبرة في تركيب الستائر وتركيب الستائر وتركيب الستائر وخدمة تركيب الستائر في جميع أنحاء دبي. اتصل بنا على 0589656471

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Mecca Group

رابط الشركة

شركة مكه - جروب للمراتب و المفروشات وكيل اكبر مصانع مراتب فى مصر ( تاكى - يانسن - فوربد - بيدلاين )

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